Elm Seed Bugs Found In Corrales

The elm seed bug (Arocatus melanocephalus) is a native of Europe and the Mediterranean, and was first found in the USA since 2009, in Idaho. It has since spread to other states, and is here now as well. Fortunately, this insect poses little or no threat to people, crops or landscape plants except as a […]


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Sawtooth Grain Beetles

Stored product pests are best managed by proper identification, finding an eliminating all breeding sites, managing stored materials, physical removal of the pests, usually moths or beetles, and, sometimes, applications of control materials. Sawtooth grain beetles like almost any kind of cracked-grain product. That means flour, cereal, pasta, cake mixes, oatmeal, gravy mixes. That also […]

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Cicada-killer Wasps

That boisterous buzzing you might be hearing this year may be coming from this fearsome flying friend, the cicada-killer wasp. Known as Sphecius speciosus, this species of stinging, mostly solitary predators catch, paralyze, and line their nests with noisy and delicious cicadas, who their larval young hungrily devour. Measuring in at up to 2 inches […]

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NMPMA 2020 Seminar and Tradeshow

Ruthie and I attended this jam packed event on January 29th, at the GAAR Building in Albuquerque, NM and attended by the finest pest control professionals in New Mexico and from around the country. I was lucky enough to have dinner with some of our guests from out of town the night before, Brent Towle, […]

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Spring 2019

I really love springtime in New Mexico! The plants are all budding and the birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing. We had a very wet Winter by New Mexico standards and I anticipate a bumper crop of bugs and pests. Right now is the best time to start a pest control program or […]

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I Love Barking Dogs

Today is National Dog Day! Nearly every family I serve has dogs and I have to say, I love, love, love a barking dog. I hear barking dogs all day long, every day. My own dogs start by barking at me in the morning. The neighbor’s dogs give me a goodbye bark as I pull […]

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Make Your Bug Walk The Plank!

I love it when my BETTER BI MONTHLY clients refer to the pests they’ve seen in the singular! 🤣 “I saw an ant.” “I saw a dead roach in the garage.” “I think I saw a spider.” To me, that is a real confidence booster! Sometimes the critter in question isn’t really a pest at […]

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